Modern Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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Nowadays bathrooms have been transformed to become almost like sanctuaries. In the past a bathroom consisted of a shower, tub, and basic lighting. However, the recent bathroom modernizations have changed the bathroom to a place you can escape to at the end of a busy day to unwind and relax. I have outlined some of the latest and most trendy bathroom renovations ideas.

Spectacular Tiles

Calgary Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom tiles are the focal point in the bathroom. To add more depth to bathroom walls use textured tiles combined with glass mosaics which is more durable than decorated wallpaper. Instead of using the usual square tiles try other geometric shapes like hexagon r octagon. There are lots of other options to explore.

Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

The modern bathrooms are also environmentally friendly for everyone who wants to go green. The latest toilets consume less water for every flush. Automatic faucets also reduce the water consumption within the home. The use of durable recycled materials for floor tiles such as glass is a great feature of modern bathrooms.

Stylish Bathtub and Showers

The new bathroom styles consist of separate areas for shower and bath. The walk-in Showers nowadays have a bigger room with simple to clean glass frame-less doors. The exquisite bathroom design also features freestanding tubs which are the center of attraction in the bathroom with glass tiles making the serene and spa-like.

Welcoming Nature

Modern bathrooms feature natural elements in the exotic design such as stone waterfalls and indoor plants. The sound of flowing water falls makes the bathroom a relaxing sanctuary. The design also maximizes on the use of natural light to enhance the natural atmosphere and décor.

Neutral Colors

White is still considered trendy in modern bathroom designs. However, shades of gray have now become the universal neutral for most modern bathroom according to latest trends.

Creative Lighting

Most modern bathrooms designs incorporate a lot of natural light and illuminating features. Large windows, Glass mosaics tiles and mirrors make bathrooms brighter reflecting more natural light. The latest LED bathroom lighting is not only energy efficient but it also illuminates areas such as mirrors and sinks. For class and glamor, you can use exquisite chandelier light to make the bathroom elegant. Try and explore other suspended lighting systems for your bathroom.


All in all, select a universal design that can stand the test of time. Check out Granite Renovations for the latest in bathroom remodeling trends.


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What To Look For In An Electrical Contractor

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What To Look For In An Electrical Contractor

Electrical work should always be carefully undertaken within the home. Whenever you decide to carry out some renovation or installation of major electronics, having a qualified professional do the work is important not just because of the cost involved, but also the health hazards you are exposed to. Here are a few issues you should look into when choosing an electrical contractor to come in and carry out work in your home or business.

1.Skill level

There are very many areas in which you may require the services of an electrical contractor. It could be the design of a lighting system, installation of a generator or emergency repair after a storm. When choosing a contractor, seek one who has had wide experiences handling various kinds of projects. In this way, you may even wind up establishing a working relationship that could last a lifetime. Those with such knowledge also tend to be creative in fixing unique problems. Also, ask about the kind of training that the employees of the contractor have had that will help to inspire confidence in their abilities. Ask about the industry certifications the contractor has received.



This relates mainly to how long they have been in business. While it is kind to help a young electrical contractor establish themselves in business, remember that someone with a solid track record is better able to guarantee their work and continue to be available to you in the long run. This industry does tend to have high turnover rate, so seek businesses that have staying power.


When it comes to something as important as electrical work, cheap can be expensive, so do not go for the lowest bid. Narrow down to a few choices of contractors and have them each provide you with an estimate. Their choice of materials, understanding of your needs and reasonable time frame for installations should matter more. Remember that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

 4.References and referrals

If you are considering a contractor that you have not been referred to by the manufacturer of your appliances or other reliable source, then be sure to ask for references. This will serve as a testament to their skill, competency and reliability. If you are uncertain about a provider, seek recommendations from your family, friends, neighbors or business associates. Pay special attention to recommendations from those who have had the same kind of work you want done. An online check of the business on social media and independent review sites can also provide useful insight.


This may seem a minor consideration, but it within the industry, one of the biggest complaints relates to the behavior of the contractor and his or her employees. Even before you sign any deal for work to be done, you have a chance to interact with eh contractor so use it as an opportunity to assess their behavior. You will want people that are respectful of you and your property to be working on the project. Check with referees to further ascertain this trait.

For more information on hiring electricians visit

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Tips To Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean

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Many homeowners become overly concerned with the state of their HVAC appliances that they forget about what comes in between. Air ducts are hidden channels for the circulation of air around the home, and deserve serious consideration when not only running these appliances, but also ensuring that indoor air quality is kept healthy. It is important to note that because these vents are hidden, we cannot easily see what is lurking beneath. Allergens like mold, dust, pollen, fur and other debris can clog up within the vents with time and pose a risk to human and animal health. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your air ducts clean and home environment healthy.

 Professional dust inspections

– many air duct cleaning providers offer a free duct inspection to assess whether a professional cleaning is required. Generally speaking, specialists recommend that you should have your air ducts professionally cleaned, every 3-5 years. If you however have reasons for concern, a free inspection will let you know if there is an unforeseen problem. Remember to get several estimates before selecting the firm that will carry out the cleaning. Also keep in mind that duct cleaning can kick up a lot of dust in the house and make a real mess and duct cleaning companies aren’t always good at house cleaning, so you might want to hire a house cleaning company to come in after the duct cleaners and do a thorough clean of the home.

 Air filter changing

– in between professional cleaning of air ducts, it is important that you regularly change your air filters. This will help maintain air quality at a good level and prevent the accumulation of debris that may build up and cause damage to your coil.

 Air register cleaning

– air registers also require regular cleaning. Chances are you can do this yourself and don’t need to call in a heating and cooling specialist. If you however notice mold growth, get a professional in urgently as it may indicate unseen clogging within the ducts that is encouraging mold growth.


– a hose and nozzle attachment on your vacuum can be very useful in getting rid of any buildup of dust and debris in air ducts. If all seems well and you can reach the interior of the duct walls, wipe them down with a clean rag.

 Mold remediation

– if you detect any signs of mold spores when cleaning, it is important to have mold remediation work carried out alongside professional air duct cleaning. Without this action, you may only be placing a temporary Band-Aid on a problem that will later become more costly to fix.

In cases where the ducts are difficult to look or reach into, a professional service is recommended. If you also suspect an infestation of rats or mice in your air ducts, a professional can help to thoroughly clean them out, and seal any gaps created.

Keep in mind that the more sources of pollutants you have within the home, the more frequently you should undertake cleaning exercises. For instance, if you have several furry pets and occupants that smoke, there will be a faster build up of debris in the air ducts, calling for attention that is more frequent. In the long run, keeping your air ducts clear will also help reduce your energy utility bills, boost air circulation and improve upon the performance of your HVAC units.

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Merits Of Boosting Ventilation In The Home

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img1There are certain climates in which it becomes a smart investment to have a home ventilation system installed. Those that live under wet conditions are particularly vulnerable and should consider such an investment for several key reasons.

1.Mold and mildew

Those that are exposed to wet conditions are at greater risk of suffering a mold or mildew infestation. Mold and mildew thrive under damp conditions and can lead to an array of serious health conditions that can be especially fatal to children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. With a good ventilation system in place, it is easier to keep the interior of the home dry and less susceptible to such an infestation.


There are several airborne allergens that can exacerbate health conditions like asthma. These include dust, smoke and pollen. A good ventilation system helps to clean up the air of these allergens and make the home a safer place for those that suffer such medical conditions.



When the weather is cold and wet, with the interior of the home having to be heated up, condensation and weeping windows are a common occurrence. This effect is a problem, not just because it obscures vision through the glass windows, but also due to encourages a damp atmosphere within the rooms. Damp air inside the home can worsen the health of the occupants.

4.Heating costs

When you have a home that tends to be damp inside, you will need to work your heating appliances harder and for longer in order to be comfortable. Having to use higher heating settings and run the appliances for longer means having to pay even higher utility bills. Installing a mechanical ventilation system helps to dry out the atmosphere within the home, and cut down on the need for heating appliances.

5.Indoor air quality

It is obvious that when you have less flow of air from the outside, the interior of a building will become stuffy. With a good ventilation system, you can enjoy more comfortable breathing room thanks to the channeling of fresh and healthy air into the home.



Sometimes people will allow their home to remain stuffy because they are afraid to leave their windows open while they go out, or even when they are at home. In some neighborhoods and open window seems like an invitation for burglary. With a mechanical ventilation system however, you can still keep your windows locked and come home to a freshly aired home. Home ventilation systems can seem very expensive to install, but they offer an array of important benefits that more than compensate for such an investment. Discuss your options with a HVAC specialist to find out what type of system would be best suited to your home.

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