Conserving Energy Using Solar Water Heaters

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Solar Heating Systems | Comments Off on Conserving Energy Using Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water HeaterThe off-grid solar systems such as solar water heaters are a great way to conserve energy. The solar panels normally use solar energy to produce electricity however solar water heating systems heat water directly using solar energy. The popularity of solar water heating systems as a clean energy source has increased all over the globe especially in remote areas.

Utilizing solar energy to heat water can be extremely rewarding in very many ways. The following are some of the reasons you should install a solar water heating system:

Energy Independence

Solar water heating systems rely on the sun’s energy, with no dependence on utility or other energy sources like fossil fuels. It contributes to energy efficiency by reducing reliance on external energy sources. It provides energy as long as the sun shines. Once you have solar water heater system installed the utility only comes as a backup. It can be a fulfilling experience getting hot water supply without incurring any utility bills from a clean energy source.

Environmental Protection

Fossil fuels have been the major source of energy for a long time despite the negative impact they have on the environment in terms of pollution and increasing carbon footprint. Environmental pollution leads to climate change and other health effects. The risks associated with nuclear energy are dangerous as was witnessed during the tsunami in Japan. Therefore, clean energy sources like solar water heating systems that rely on the free energy from the sun offer an ideal alternative. Solar water heating systems do not have any negative impact on the environment, they capture the heat from the sun.

Costs Savings

Apart from the initial costs of purchasing and installing solar water heaters which make up the biggest investment, you get hot water supply for the rest of your life incurring any utility bills. Solar water heating provides even greater energy savings than solar electric panels. Within five years of installing water heating systems, you can get back your initial investment depending on the cost of utility energy and the availability of the sun’s energy. Installing water heaters usually comes with tax credits and utility refunds to encourage more people to invest in it.

Solar energy is green and renewable, even though the initial investment is expensive it eventually pays off along the way. Installing solar water heating systems is different from installing solar for electricity. Mounting the solar hot water collectors is complicated because their weight and fragile nature. The installation of the controls, pumps, thermostats, hot water storage tanks, heat exchangers and plumbing is not your typical DIY job. Therefore when setting up the solar water heating systems it is critical that a plumber checks it out especially if you live in a remote area that doesn’t have a plumber open 24 hours. The last thing you want is to spring a leak in the middle of the night and have a full on flood before the plumber comes in the morning.