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Home Maintenance Ideas for summer

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Apart from spring cleaning, home maintenance is also ideal for the summer season. The weather during summer can get very hot, windy and with a heavy downpour of rain that can cause damage to the house. Set aside some time this summer to undertake the following home maintenance projects to not only prepare for summer but also other seasons.

  • Bathroom maintenance

Bathrooms are highly vulnerable to accumulation of dirt, grease, mold etc. and they need proper maintenance particularly during summer. Ensure the drain pipes are all clean and clear to avoid unnecessary costs in repair because of future damages. Unclog and disinfect the sink using vinegar and baking soda to eliminate bad odor and make sure there is no leakage under the sink. This will help homeowners cut expensive plumbing costs.

  • Regularly clean the Patio

To ensure that the Patio can withstand the weather ensure that it is cleaned using the right materials and tools. Prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris through regular sweeping and cleaning to avoid the use of harsh chemical cleaning agents and intense scrubbing in the future. Ensure that the concrete, stone pathways or tiles do not stain and there is no rusting or deterioration of the wooden decking.

  • Roof Inspection

Undertaking a roof inspection is a task most people will most probably not want think about because it is a tedious task. However, according to Owen Enterprises Inc. you should not worry because a roof inspection is the best way to prevent much bigger problems in the future. As time goes by, your roof begins to deteriorate and could get worse depending on the roofing material. When the roof starts to leak it can seriously destroy to the attic and the ceilings. There is a danger of the roof collapsing if there is serious damage on it. It would be best to allow a professional inspect your roof and recommend repairs, especially if you have a fear of heights.

  • Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaningAs the roof is inspected, do not forget to clean the gutters and unclog them before the rains. It is common to have gutters filled with debris from trees and animals, particularly in the fall or winter season. During summer, there will be heavy rains and the gutters will need to be clear for the rain water to be channeled properly. Because of the hot summer season dried gutter debris can lead to fires. Therefore, ensure the gutters are free of debris this summer especially if there are trees close to the house.

  • Prune the Trees

Since there will be strong winds and heavy rains this summer, make sure that the trees are well pruned to safeguard your house from falling branches and to keep the surroundings clean.

Keep your home clean and well maintained not only during spring and summer but also all through the year. Save the big projects for a particular season to get your home running without incurring huge costs in repairs. Enjoy a trouble free summer without worrying about leaking roofs or sinks.

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