Things to consider as you switch to solar energy

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solar-panelInstalling solar panels at home has numerous benefits from reduced energy bills to protecting the environment. Nonetheless, opting to install solar panels is not exactly a walk in the park. There are few things that you must take into consideration before you install solar panels.


The initial investment for installing solar is significant. However, the benefits of free unlimited supply of electricity from solar will reduce your monthly energy bills massively. You can also opt to purchase cheaper electricity generated from solar instead of the expensive main grid power.

How soon will you begin saving?

Solar panels allow homeowners to make huge savings in energy bills. If you own the solar system you will incur a huge initial investment and save in the long term.  Leasing, on the other hand, allows you to start saving immediately by offering you cheaper solar energy at an agreed flat rate. However, you do not own the system.

How much power will the solar panels supply?

The electrical energy generated by the solar panels will depend on several factors including the solar panel efficiency, the size of the panels, roof orientation, the angle of tilt, latitude, potential obstructions such as trees etc. A professional installer should be able to provide a solution that will guarantee optimum performance.

Selecting the best type of panels

The quality of solar panels varies from one manufacturer to another. Your contractor should help you determine the best panel for your situation. You should consider how the solar module is manufactured and the material used. According to this Winnipeg solar company you need to find out the positive power tolerance, temperature coefficient, the PID & LID resistance, and efficiency of the solar panel. Check the warranty of various solar panels and learn more about the different brands.


Check out the various solar financing assistance options and take advantage of incentives and rebates provide by the local authorities and state. Government tax credits can reduce the cost of your solar installation by almost 30%.

Reputable Installer

It is recommended that solar panels are installed by a qualified and certified installer. Finding a reputable installer can be difficult since there many self-proclaimed solar installation experts without professional training. Make sure you check out their reviews and check with the local authorities.

When will the panels start generating electricity?

When you invest in solar panels you want to start enjoying cheaper electricity as soon as possible. Immediately you sign the contract for solar energy, you expect the system to be up and running in the shortest so you can start saving. However, solar installations can take between 1 to 6 months depending on your installers. Ensure your contractor takes the shortest time to minimize costs.

Sunlight Hours

In order for your solar panels to have maximum electrical energy output, they need direct sun exposure. South facing roofs are believed to receive the maximum amount of sunlight. However, the way you arrange the solar panels is important even in the east and west roofs. Your installer should be able to assess the amount of sunlight light hours you receive throughout the year and offer the best solution.

Building Permits

You solar installation contractor should help you get the necessary building permits to avoid trouble with the authorities.

An experienced installer will have your solar system up and running in no time so you can start saving from reduced energy bills.