Tips for energy efficient pool

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Sustainability is a huge topic nowadays and it is influencing how everything is designed and built including swimming pools. The latest swimming pools have been designed to optimize energy efficiency. There have been a lot of innovations and advances in developing energy efficient pool equipment. These technological advances along with some energy saving tips will make your pool energy efficient and extend the season for swimming.


Pool Covers
If you want to lower your operating costs and maintain the cleanliness of your pool consider placing pool covers over them. A high-quality pool cover will retain moisture and heat in the pool, keep out leaf litter and other kinds of debris out of the pool and basically provide a protective seal over the pool water.

A pool cover that is properly fitted will considerably limit the evaporation of water one of the main problems for outdoor pool owners. Pool water evaporation is influenced by the high temperature of the water and air, low humidity and high speed of the wind over the surface of the pool.

The water temperature will increase when you use a pool cover however with proper sealing neither the water nor the chemicals will evaporate much faster. These will consequently lead to considerable energy, water and costs savings.

Efficient Filters and Pumps
A swimming pool pump is a major part of the filtration process and when it is efficient it considerably lowers the operating energy costs. For an efficiently operating pool filtration system, the size of your pool pump must be proportional to the pool size and the frequency of water circulation.

To become energy efficient during the swim season consider using a smaller pump size to reduce the time of filtration to about 6hrs per day and keep the drains debris free. Remember to correctly backwash the filter. Consider installing some of the pool filtration systems that are eco-friendly.

Pool Heating

Extend this swimming season using the appropriate pool heating allowing you to enjoy the company of family friends much longer. Selecting the best pool heater will depend on the geographical location, the pool depth and size, the level of use of the pool, the level of control and flexibility needed. You can significantly reduce your energy costs using modern solar pool heaters and extend the swimming season for about 4 months.

According to  UV Pools what is more popular is the latest technology heat pump water heaters. They can operate in any weather and are energy efficient. They heat the pool by extracting heat from the air.

The pool temperature is constantly monitored using controllers that turn on the filtration pump when the temperature drops so that the pool can be heated by the heat pump.

Light Emitting Diodes(LEDs)

Energy efficient light emitting diodes or LEDs are the best way to conserve energy while lighting up the pool. They also last long and do not require regular changing. LEDs do not generate any heat like the energy inefficient incandescent bulbs that produce more heat than light.

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